mini #1

I have been so busy with my new job that I haven't had time to make any puzzles, so I decided to start making some minis! Here's my first one. Hope you enjoy!

#8 - one Chicago reference

 I felt excited on another level when noticing these two middle 15s could cross perfectly. I had an actual tester for this one because I felt brave enough to ask someone to help!!

#7 - Happy Samhain!

 Sorry UK friends, there's a few really American references in this puzzle.

#6 - Puzzle #6

 This is a themeless that I made. It's some words that intersect and then some words that may help you find out what those are. Good luck.

#5 - quiet knoll

I told my chat I'd make this and then I did. There's definitely a lot of words (I used a 'theme list') that are on point but I also really had issues bc I was spending a ton of time trying to get in as many as I could, meaning some of my non-themed fills are not great.

#4 - can't believe I finally completed this

I did this fill and I thought it was great and then it was just mostly ok, but the theme and the 13s are real good imho.